Monday, January 09, 2006

My Macworld Predictions

I will be attending Macworld tomorrow on the poor mans pass (exhibit's only). Since many "insiders" and "experts" are giving their predictions for what Steve Jobs will wow us with this year I thought I would pretend that I am an expert too and spout my predictions.

1. Of course Apple will announce the MacIntel box(es). This is not news. By the end of the day, there will be at least 100 sites that have instructions on how to hack the hardware and put Windows on it. Another 100 sites will have instructions for loading OS X on a generic wintel box.

2. AppleTivo. The second big thing will be that they finally found a use for the Mac Mini. The only way this will become a Tivo killer is if they don't charge a subscription fee for program listings and allow unlimited storage.

3. iBloat 06. The newest versions of iLife will require the most powerful systems available and won't run for shit on the old macs (like mine).

Of course since I don't think anyone actually reads my blog I wll revise this post tomorrow to show that I accurately predicted everything that came out tomorrow.