Monday, August 08, 2005

My (Dell)ema

Just found out that my faithful Dell servers that have been working flawlessly for 5 years are no longer eligible for warranty coverage. I'm not going to go "Blogneurotic" on their ass (that means get way over passionate over something that's not a big deal) but I'm not super happy.

I love Dell business PCs and servers. They have served me well. I have had very few issues with Dell servers and when I have had issues, the service has been outstanding.

I understand that if I can't get warranty coverage on a 24/7 production server anymore I will probably buy a new server that does have coverage. Good for Dell, bad for me. If these systems were constantly breaking down and out of service it would be easier to justify purchasing new hardware but when the systems never go down due to hardware issues, it's hard to justify to upper management why we need to replace these servers.

I would be happy to continue to pay for an extended warranty with some conditional clause that I'm only allowed so many service calls before the warranty is void.