Saturday, October 01, 2005

The $100 PC

It seems that most of the conversations around the blogosphere are revolving around whether it's good or bad to supply poor children in third world countries with these PCs and how nobody will be able to make them becuase the production cost is unrealistic.

What's the problem with trying to make an affordable PC for the rest of the world? If this device can be put into the hands of school children to help them get educated and pull themselves out of the continuing cycle of poverty then what's so bad? It's probably not going to help the parents of those kids but there has to be a starting point somewhere. Give these kids access to information and they will absorbe it like a sponge. This is how to break the poverty cycle.

As far as not being able to manufacture the unit for $100, I disagree. Linux is free. There are thousands of toys manufactured with fairly tough plastic that sell for less than $10. RAM is cheap. New substrate technology will allow the display to cost next to nothing.

If this becomes a reality, I wll be the first person in line to buy one.